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Welcome to Atlanta Kung Fu & Sanda Center
2070 Attic Parkway, #102, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Quality Training.  Family Environment.  Something for Everybody.  
Atlanta Kung Fu & Sanda Center is Atlanta's number one source for traditional Chinese martial arts. We provide high quality training in the Southern kung fu styles of Tibetan Lama Pai and Choy Lay Fut. Additionally, our full-contact Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda) program trains fighters who are serious about competing at a National and International level. Our Tai Chi classes help students to improve their overall health in a way that is challenging but adapts to a student's fitness and experience level. 

The top priority is to help our students reach their full potential and create an environment for serious, no nonsense training. Sifu Russel and the rest of the AKFSC staff are dedicated to success and growth of each individual that joins our martial arts family.